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Glazelock Shims Inc. has been a manufacturer of structural plastic shims since 1997. We pride ourselves with quality products, quick turn around time, and great customer service.

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

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Our product line 
includes our patented Interlocking shims. These shims were invented by the owner, a window installer, to simplify the use of multiple shims in an application. Along with the Interlocking shims we offer multiple different size horseshoe shims, stackable shims and wedge-lock shims.

To date our product line includes six (6) interlocking shim sizes.

Featured Categories

Wood Shims

Glazelock wood shims are manufactureed from premium grade lumber for the highest quality and preformance. 

Wood shims are a mainstay in construction used for installation of doors, windows and cabinets.  These are also suitable to be used as a spacer for leveling appliances, countertops and more. 

Pine shims are offered in DIY single packs up to and including bulk packages of up to 840 shims with retail packaging.

Fulfillment is available for consumer, contractor, retail and wholesale. 

Interlocking Shims


This unique and patened horseshoe shim design offers advantages over traditional smooth horseshoe shims. 

Invented by a window installer to simplify the use of Multiple shim applications in window installations, Glazelock Shims reduce material and labor costs while providing a secure and stable solution to your shimming needs.

While these shims were originally made for window and door installations, they are useful in numerous applications.

  • Patent no. 5-640-813
  • Standard black, red and blue colors

Non-Interlocking Shims

Traditional shims designed to "cradle" and distribute pressure between fasteners and your installation. 

Non-interlocking shims just like our interlocking shims, these shims can be used in windows, storefront doors, curtain walls and many other applications. These shims are not constructed with clips and do not interlock.

These non-interlocking shims are produced in a variety of thickneses and sizes.  These shims are available in economy and bulk packages.

NEW Tapered Shim


Our new cost-effective tapered shim is engineered with a new high-performance gripping system.  Shims break off clean and are easy to nail or fasten with screws without trouble.

  • Made of Recycled Pastic
  • Resists Splitting
  • Waterproof
  • Will Not Rot
  • Size:  1-1/2"x7-3/4"

Stackable Shims

These shims simplify the use of multiple shims in window installations. Snap off individual shims for the exact size needed for the job. Made of recycled high impact polystyrene. 

Our stackable shims are available in both long and short stackables.

Special pricing available when ordered in larger quantities.

Wedgelock Shims

Wedgelock Shims

 "Wedge-Lock shims" by Glazelock, Inc.  Designed to maintain alignment, our wedge shims won't shift or separate when stacked. Manufactured from high impact polystyrene for maximum durability.

  • Snaps off clean
  • Made out of Black Polystyrene Plastic
  • Size: 1-1/2" wide x 8" long x 5/16" thick
  • Packaged: 1 case of 288 shims

Whether shimming cabinets, floors or windows, the WEDGE-LOCK's unique locking system will optimize any job when placed together.  Useful as wedges, shims or spacers in numerous construction, residential and industrial applications.

We also manufacture custom shims!

Ask us about our custom shims manufactured to your specifications. Glazelock shims are designed with the installer in mind.

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