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GL16 Long Stackable Shims

stackable snap off shims glazing windows doors
$67.67 per package
$58.10 per unit for buying at least 5


Product Information

5 1/8" overall
1/16" thick, stacked 1" high
Slot hole 5/8"
Packaged in bulk of 1008, 63 stacks of 16.

The standard snap off shim is the square U shape with a middle gap of 5/8".  Useful for installation of windows and doors, commercial glazing applications, for leveling and tightening in numerous applications.  Widely used as window shims, the horseshoe design braces a greater surface area surrounding blots and fasteners than typical wooden wedges.  At 1/16" thick and over 5 inches long, these can also be used as drywall shims to stack and fill gaps with greater resilience than cardboard.

Glazelock Shims is a premium supplier of horseshoe shims to the construction industry.  Products are engineered and produced in the U.S.A. 

Quantity Discounts:

Quantity: 5+
Price: $58.10
You save: 14.1%

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We also manufacture custom shims!

Ask us about our custom shims manufactured to your specifications. Glazelock shims are designed with the installer in mind.

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